Aerial Work & Filming

Aerial Work & Filming

Our helicopter fleet can transport individual cameramen or entire TV crews, to shoot documentaries, commercials, films, cycling events etc.

Helicopters play an essential role in the completion of operations in difficult and inaccessible terrain, and are widely used for power line and wire stringing, pole and pylon placement, tower construction, antenna installation, transportation of heavy goods, and the delivery of supplies to high quota refuges.

This type of work requires experience and technological innovation, in the form of pilots and machines able to complete the tasks to perfection. Sling load operations, which have become indispensable for many sectors, are always performed by highly trained and expert pilots.

Fly Forte Dei Marmi provides aerial filming and Helicopter shooting services all over Italy with Focus and 10 years experience on Versilia , Tuscany Area. Since 2009, we realized breathtaking aerial footage for every kind of video project, in order to introduce our clients to a new perspective.

Corporate videos, event videos, commercials, tourism videos or documentaries: it never happens that a fantastic aerial shot from the sky doesn’t add something magical to a production. Every video immediately becomes more emotional.


Even more, the aerial perspective is also ideal to present a company, a product or an artistic form of expression. Our clients will have the chance to present their business from a completely new point of view.

As a result We can fly almost everywhere. Obviously, our staff also take care of finding permissions and authorizations to fly, according to the location.

Thanks to our offices in Forte Dei Marmi and Milan , we can provide this service everywhere on national soil. Our operators will be able to advice our clients about the best places where to shoot breathtaking aerial footage.

Our company is at your disposal, with regard to air transport of building materials and / or other, by our helicopter.

Contact us and we’ll make for you best price!



Author: Fabio Addeo  Social & Media: Rita Pasini

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